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Let's Sea Clearly | L.A. Rush X Healthy Seas

Let's dive into the sustainability story of our regenerated nylon fabric and how it helps to conserve the health of our oceans. It's no secret that we all love the ocean, clean oceans allow us to see clearly beneath the surface, giving us the opportunity to experience and appreciate all of the wonderful life that inhabits it. Unfortunately, our oceans are full of pollution that threatens the health and sustainability of our planet. Healthy Seas is dedicated to cleaning up our oceans and making them healthy again - and we're proud to say we are one of their official partners.

Established in 2013, Healthy Seas works towards eliminating the ghost fishing problem that results in unnecessary loss of marine life. They organize cleanups with volunteer scuba divers and collaborate with key figures from the fishing industry to proactively combat ocean pollution. They collect waste materials from all corners of the globe's seas and oceans and recycle them into useful resources.

Our swimwear is carefully crafted with planet-friendly ECONYL® regenerated nylon, sourced directly from our oceans. Not only will this sustainable fabric protect the ocean as you wear it, but every purchase helps safeguard its longevity for generations to come!

At L.A. Rush, sustainability and ocean conservation is at the heart of everything we do- we believe that it's essential that we take action now to protect marine life and keep our oceans healthy for generations to come. As a proud partner of Healthy Seas, we donate 10% of our profits to their cause, helping us create a clearer view beneath the surface!

To learn more about Healthy Seas visit

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