Lets Sea Clearly: L.A. Rush X Healthy Seas

Lets Sea Clearly: L.A. Rush X Healthy Seas

At L.A. Rush, sustainability is in our DNA. We’re absolutely in love with the ocean. The energy of the waves doesn’t just inspire our adventures; it fuels our brand, too.

Our eco-friendly swimwear collection includes sustainable styles made from recycled materials, designed to be stylish, functional, and comfortable for all your water-based activities.

Let’s dive into the amazing story behind the regenerated nylon fabric we use and how it’s helping to keep our oceans healthy. We utilize Econyl recycled nylon in our swimwear styles, which is a significant step towards creating sustainable fashion that is less detrimental to the planet.

We all love the ocean, right? There’s nothing quite like seeing the vibrant life beneath the waves. But sadly, pollution is a big issue for our oceans and our planet’s health.

That’s where Healthy Seas comes in. They’re doing incredible work cleaning up our oceans, and we’re thrilled to be one of their official partners. Together, we’re making a difference!


What is Healthy Seas?

Healthy Seas, a non-profit that’s committed to making our oceans cleaner and protecting marine life. Since 2013, Healthy Seas has been on an exciting mission to tackle the ghost fishing problem that’s harming our marine life. Imagine diving into the ocean with a group of passionate volunteer scuba divers—how cool is that?

They gather waste from seas and oceans worldwide and transform it into something amazing. The materials collected by Healthy Seas meet the Global recycled standard for recycled content and sustainability. Can you believe they have collected 991 tons of fishing nets and other marine litter? That’s like the weight of 23 blue whales! So, what happens to all this waste?

What is 'from waste to wear?'

From waste to wear, Healthy Seas is doing amazing things to promote a circular economy and reduce ocean pollution. Imagine this: they start by gathering waste from seas and oceans all over the world, thanks to these awesome volunteer-led dives. They then hand it over to a company called Aquafil, which specializes in an amazing regeneration process through their ECONYL® system. This innovative method transforms nylon waste, including ghost nets, into ECONYL® yarn—a high-quality, regenerated nylon that ends up in all sorts of cool products. This process also transforms waste into new fibers for sustainable swimwear, emphasizing waste reduction and resource conservation. It’s pretty incredible, right?

So, what is Healthy Oceans anyway?

Imagine bodies of water free from pollution and harmful waste, where marine life can thrive. Healthy oceans create a stable and sustainable ecosystem for various species and play a huge part in keeping our planet in balance. Not only do they regulate the Earth’s climate, but they also provide food and resources for millions of people and communities. Plus, they support economies through fishing, tourism, and transportation. Protecting and preserving our oceans means ensuring these benefits for ourselves and future generations. Using recycled fabrics in swimwear helps reduce waste and supports the health of our oceans by diverting post-consumer waste from landfills.

Is ECONYL good quality?

We are dedicated to reducing our dependence on conventional nylon manufacturing with sustainable materials. Did you know that conventional nylon production is pretty tough on the environment? It uses a ton of energy, water, and chemicals, which isn’t great for our air and water. Plus, regular nylon can hang around in landfills for hundreds of years, which just adds to the waste problem. And let’s not forget, making new nylon drains non-renewable resources like fossil fuels. This whole process really takes a toll on our planet and its oceans.

However, our mission goes beyond environmental preservation; we aim to ensure your utmost comfort and confidence at the beach.

Our swimwear range features both bikinis and one piece swimsuits, as well as being timeless, functional and never going out of style, each any every swimsuit is crafted with this regenerated nylon fabric, including recycled nylon.

Some of its key features include:

Excellent shape retention, even after multiple uses and washes

Resistance to chlorine, sun creams, and oils for long-lasting wear

Quick-drying properties for convenience at the beach or pool

Soft feel against the skin for maximum comfort

We utilize high-quality nylon yarn in our swimwear production to ensure durability and comfort. We’re so proud to be part of this circular economy where waste is turned into something valuable instead of ending up in landfills or our precious oceans.

Additionally, we allocate a portion of our profits to support the Healthy Seas organization. This commitment reflects our dedication not only to sustainability but also to giving back and supporting initiatives that strive for a cleaner, healthier planet. 

In the fashion industry, the use of sustainable swimwear is becoming increasingly important. So, every piece of L.A. Rush you wear helps the ocean and the planet directly. And let’s not forget, you’ll look fantastic too! It’s a win-win. 🌊

Together, we can continue making waves for a better, healthier future—one where we can all see clearly. Join us in our mission to protect and preserve our oceans by choosing sustainable apparel. Let’s create a brighter future for the ocean and ourselves!


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To learn more about Healthy Seas visit www.healthyseas.org

To learn more about Aquafil and their circular business model visit https://www.aquafil.com/

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